SUR-CUT Guillotine Knife Assembly


SUR-CUT Guillotine Knife Assembly



AZCO’s smallest cutter, the model GO-25, has a unique scissor-style action. This modular guillotine knife assembly is ready to install as a stand-alone or in-line unit. This smallest guillotine is used to cut a wide variety of flexible material including cables, rods, and heavier gauge materials.

The Building Blocks of Automation

Build your own unit!

Standard modules can be purchased alone or in combination to build a solution that meets your unique needs.

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  • Proven, off-the-shelf design
  • Simple to install and hook-up
  • Thru hardened D2 blades for long life
  • Multiple units can be mounted on assembly for making multiple cuts at one time
  • Reduces hand cutting
  • 25mm [1”] cutting area.  Recommended maximum material width is 19mm [0.75”].
  • 40-90 psi [2.75 – 6 bar] compressed air.
  • Blade position sensors
  • Larger/custom units to 1600mm/66″ wide
  • Steeper blade angle for special needs
  • Blade options:  stainless steel, TiN coated and carbide
  • Units designed to fit your requirements
  • Guarding package
  • Pneumatic hold-down clamp
  • All-electric model

Materials Cut: Aluminum, Cables, Copper, Heavier Gauge Materials, Plastic, Rods, Steel

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