Shipping Procedure

AZCO Corp. values your time and the safety of your unit(s); This is why AZCO Corp considers it so important that your unit(s) gets to you safely and undamaged. We have a variety of products, some of which fit in a box mailed directly to your location. Others, however, require a skid. These skids are clear wrapped and securely screwed down to the pallet to prevent movement as it travels to your location. Both the pallet and the skid are larger than the shipped item(s).

The reason we use a clear film is to protect the shipment from rain, snow, heat and all the other weather conditions which may damage your unit while loading and unloading a truck. Additionally, this insures there has been no damage during transportation. If you receive a shipment from us and you see damage – DO NOT ACCEPT THE SHIPMENT. Document the damage with photos and notify the specified shipping company. You may have these damaged shipments returned to us.