Module and Unit Manufacturer for Feeding, Cutting and Placing Flexible Products

AZCO is in business to serve our customers and members. We do that by designing and manufacturing innovative products with integrity. We are an ISO Certified company helping us to continually improve. We have been serving our customers since 1983.

Some Industries We Serve


Converting companies specialize in feeding and cutting flexible films, foils, nonwovens, paper, foams, felt, rubber, laminates, and composites.


Machine Builder

Machine builders are generally responsible for building and/or
assembling machinery and systems.

Medical Device

The medical device industry consists of instruments, apparatuses, or machines that are used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease.


The packaging industry services and provides packaging solutions for many sectors including Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, and Food.

About AZCO Corp.

AZCO Corp. designs and manufactures innovative products.

AZCO Corporation is an ISO 9001 Certified company established in 1983. We design and manufacture simple and reliable modules and units used to feed, cut and place products.

This concept is based on a building block model. Standard modules can be purchased alone or in combination to provide a solution that meets your unique needs, at a competitive price and with quicker delivery. Seamlessly integrating our units into an existing line increases your production speed and reduces downtime, saving you time and money.

Module and Unit Manufacturer for Feeding, Cutting, and Placing Products

Some of Our Products

FG-110 Cut-To-Length Unit

SUR-SIZE™ Cut-to-Length

The FG cut-to-length assembly is a reliable, simple to use module that delivers a finished product to your specifications.

FGW-1000 Sheeter

SUR-SIZE™ Sheeters

AZCO SUR SIZE™ Sheeters precisely cut flexible materials to your continuous process requirements.

GC-250 Guillotine Knife

SUR-CUT™ Guillotine Knife Assemblies

Complete, modular guillotine knife assemblies ready to install as stand-alone or in-line units.

PC-25 Tubing Cutter Unit

Tubing Cutters

This automatic bench top tubing cutter is ideal for your medical and flexible tube processing.

UP20 Punch Assembly

Punch Assemblies

Our modular punches can be mounted in any orientation so you can add it to any converting, processing, or assembly line.

RDS Rotary Die Station Module

Rotary Units

These modular rotary die stations offer high speed cutting and are ready to install as a stand-alone or in-line unit.

ACU-SLIT Slitter Module

ACU-SLIT™ Slitter Modules

The AZCO ACU-SLIT™ slitter module is designed to be bolted onto new or existing web processing equipment.


SUR-PAK™ Pouch Dispensers

AZCO dispensers feed and cut desiccants, oxygen absorbers, food packs, or promotional items.



Cantilever-style unwind stands, both powered and unpowered, are available.  They can be bench mounted and are simple to use.

h-stand equipment stand


Our rigidly constructed stands are portable and adjustable. Simply bolt your unit on it and place it alongside your production line.

HS250 Pouch Making Machine

Pouch Making Machine

Simple to use and compact in size, this machine is ideal for making pouches on demand.


Custom Applications

A sampling of custom jobs we have designed and manufactured.  Give us a call to discuss your application!

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Don’t Take Our Word for It, Here’s What Our Customers Think of Azco Corp.

Our Customers Love Us!

“AZCO Corp was great to work with in solving my company’s cutting problem in one of our processes. Their knowledge and insight helped us to install the right machine at the right price.”

J.A. of National Food Supplier
New York

“The unit was a good value; it is 21 years old and still works! It is a well-built machine. AZCO’s staff is very friendly and helpful. Customer service is quick to respond. AZCO has a very responsive team.”

K.S. of Specialty Glass Lamination Company

“Worked with AZCO Corporation to supply a slitting unit to fit the bill. Received the slitting unit and installed the unit into our line. The slitting unit worked flawlessly and exceeded our expectations.”

J.B. of Machine Builder