Flexible materials – paper, film, foils, light gauge metals (.25mm/.01 in.), non-wovens, foam rubber, ribbon cables, velcro, and many others – are easily handled by AZCO assemblies, If your material can be cut with a scissors, we can provide a cost effective, automatic unit.

Between 30-80 psi. clean shop air. We also offer all-electric units as an option.

Leave a minimum 1 inch allowance on each side for narrow webs and 2″ on each side for webs over 24″ side.

Yes, we manufacture units to your custom requirements. We modify our standard units to be larger or smaller, with higher or lower speeds to perform to your specifications. Any option can be incorporated into a specific design so they integrate easily into your system.

When you buy 2 or more of the same unit, AZCO offers a quantity discount. Discount increases after 5,10, and 15 units. Call us for pricing.