For: Customer Service

"I am very happy with AZCO products and the support we get from your company. I deal with Vern Riley for our resharpening and new blade purchases and he has been great to work with. I look forward to working with your company in the future."
Packaging Company, Massachusetts
"AZCO Corp was great to work with in solving my company's cutting problem in one of our processes. Their knowledge and insight helped us to install the right machine at the right price. After the installation they also worked diligently with us to insure it was working up to and beyond my expectations. The results are increased production and decreased waste."
National Food Supplier, New York
"Andy, Thanks for your help, you can tell your team that your product is helping our service men and women safety. We use this product in a machine that makes patches for military gas masks."
Machine Builder, Missouri
"I just wanted to thank you for your timeliness in getting all these units done for me. I was under a very tight timeline and you guys at AZCO stepped up and got it done for me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!!! I know I am not your only customer and it’s hard to put others off to do a “hot” project. This won’t be forgotten about. Once again THANK YOU!!! Please pass this on to anyone else that needs appreciated. Thanks guys!!!"
Food Packaging Company, Ohio
"Thank you for being so easy to work with!"
Bonnie F.
Consumer Products company
"Communication was great, tracking provided, part arrived as promised."
Seth F.
Medical Device company
"I am very happy with AZCO. All was easily purchased with quick confirmation. Thank you for your great communication and sales team!"
Lacey A.
Machine Builder
"One could build something like this from scratch but the cost would have been much more."
Steve B.
Converting company
"You guys follow up on your sales to customers more than anyone I know so you guys are going above and beyond."
Mark H.

For: Engineering Design

"Krunal is a genius! He was eager to understand the way I wanted to use the equipment and tailored the programming to meet my needs, even if it meant it was harder to do. I am left with a more flexible and powerful piece of equipment thanks to him."
Consumer Products Company, Multi-National

For: Traveling Knife Assembly

"The unit was a good value; it is 21 years old and still works! It is a well-built machine. Your staff is very friendly and helpful. Customer service is quick to respond. You have a very responsive team."
Specialty Glass Lamination Company, Pennsylvania
For: SUR-SIZE Cut to Length FG-250
"The FG250DJ-V3 cut to length system fits our needs perfectly. It's simple to use and has the right amount of features and capability to cut our thin foils and laminates with ease. After receiving our unit, we had it set up and cutting parts within an hour. This system was a superior option to designing and building our own unit, since it enabled our staff to focus on product centric issues that cannot be outsourced."
Major Pharmaceutical Company - Product Development, California
For: ACU-SLIT™ Slitter Module
"Received an order for an application to perform high-precision slitting. Worked with AZCO Corporation to supply a slitting unit to fit the bill. Received the slitting unit and installed the unit into our line. The slitting unit worked flawlessly and exceeded our expectations. We have used AZCO Corporation products for many years and have been happy with the equipment AZCO has provided. AZCO is the first company we call on when we have a need for slitting and shearing equipment."
Machine Builder, Kansas

For: SUR-SIZE™ Cut-To-Length Assembly Model: SM6E

"Just wanted to let you all know that we are EXTREMELY satisfied with the performance of the AZCO SM-6 cut-to-length machine purchased from you in 2002. From 1/03/08, we have just under 2 million machine cycles that have produced just over 4 million parts (one material only, the actual number is closer to 5 million parts). Over the complete time4 span of ownership, estimated machine cycles are approximately 10 million with 7,400,000 cycles since 10/19/05. Have produced WELL over 30 million parts with this one machine since date of purchase. Our FG-250V, while not used as much, has been exception also. Keep up the good work."
Electronics Company, California

For: SUR-SIZE™ Cut-To-Length Assembly Model: SM4E

"We purchased an SM-4 unit back in 1994 and have only had to have the machine serviced once since then. We use the SM-6 everyday, producing about 1,000 cuts a day on average, cutting magnetic ribbon for planning boards. Definitely satisfied with our AZCO experience."
Communications Company, Missouri

For: GC250D Guillotine Knife Assembly

"We have finally got everything up and running and the AZCO guillotine works great. It went in with no problems and cuts the paper with ease. We are all very pleased with the part. You will be my go to person if we ever need anything like this again. You all had great customer service, quality parts and on time delivery. Please feel free to call or email with any questions or comments. It is now an ongoing thing whenever we get a new job to quote for someone to ask 'will it need any AZCO parts?' You are truly great at what you do."
A National Tool Company, Tennessee

For: Tubing Cutter

"We purchased the tubing cutter in 1997 and it still performs on a daily basis."
Troy F.
Medical Device company

For: Blade Resharpening

"Workmanship was great. Blades came back in like new sharpened condition."
Wayne S.