Custom Vacuum Indexing Cut-to-Length 211055, 212033


SKU: Custom Vacuum Indexing Cut-to-Length 211055, 212033


  • This application required precisely cutting material without touching the top surface.

Our Solution:

  • Material went into a roller guided assembly which had a sensor that sensed the presence of a loop
  • From the in-feed guide, the material went into a crush cut slitter station that actually cut the material into individual strips.
  • When leaving the slitter station, the material went onto a precision indexed servo driven vacuum conveyor.
  • Vacuum conveyor was driven by a precision gearbox servo motor, and the material was fed into a guillotine knife assembly.
  • Unit would index to the proper length and the knife assembly would cut pieces from 19 mm up to 500 mm in length.
  • Cut pieces went onto an independent driven takeaway conveyor which fed the material out to the operator station.
  • Entire unit was module in design, with the vacuum generator mounted underneath
  • Operator controlled from a color touch screen which was mounted on a remote arm for easy access
  • Accuracy of the machine was +/- .01”.

Tar-like material on a release liner

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