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The combination of a knife assembly and a roll feeder creates a SUR-SIZE™ cut-to-length assembly. The SUR-SIZE™ cut-to-length assemblies are capable of handling a wide variety of flexible materials. The cut-to-length assembly is a reliable, simple to use, self-contained module. It is a complete unit that delivers a finished product to your specifications.

Simple and easy to use, just enter the length and quantity on the color touch screen. The unit automatically feeds, measures, cuts and counts the pieces to meet your requirements. For an automated one-shot process, this unit will feed and cut the material on demand. Clean cuts are provided by the guillotine knife assembly.

This integrated unit is a convenient package for many users who just want to plug in a power cord and airline to start their cutting project.

  • Easy to use as stand-alone unit or as an in-line component
  • Easy operator interface with a color touchscreen
  • Enter lengths in either inches or metric
  • Module knife cartridge
  • On demand one-shot cuts
  • Reduced scrap
  • Eliminates the need for a large inventory of cut product
  • 110mm [4.3″] cut width.  Recommended maximum material width is 89mm [3.5″]
  • Minimum length: 0.1mm [0.004″]
  • Maximum quantity count: 999,999
  • Power requirements: 110 VAC 50-60Hz
  • 40 – 90 psi [2.75 – 6 bar] compressed air
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.38mm [0.015″] or 0.1% of cut length (whichever is larger)
  • Eye registration
  • No-product sensor
  • Product verification sensor (jam eye)
  • Pneumatic preloaded idler roller
  • High accuracy drive up to +/- 0.05mm [0.002″]
  • One-shot input and feedback output
  • Roll unwind
  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Servo drive package
  • Slitter attachment
  • Different roller materials
  • Static control
  • Specials up to 1,650mm [65″] wide

Gaskets, Hook and Loop, Laminates, Mesh, Metalized Film, Nonwoven, Pads, Paper, Personal Care Products, PTFE, Rubber, Shrink Tubing, Tape, Test Strips, Thin Gauge Metal

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SKU: FG-110


Total Price:

Drive Selection - SKU: IS

Servo indexing motor

Drive Selection - SKU: SE

High precision drive package

Blade material - SKU: BM-GO110D BLADE SET

Standard D2 Includes movable and stationary blades

Blade material - SKU: BM-GO110C BLADE SET

Carbide Includes movable and stationary blades

Blade material - SKU: BM-GO110S BLADE SET

Stainless steel Includes movable and stationary blades

Roller material - SKU: RM-RU

Standard Urethane

Roller material - SKU: RM-RS


Material Handling - SKU: MH-G

Segmented rollers

Material Handling - SKU: MH-W

Adhesive reduction. Must have silicone rollers

Material Handling - SKU: MH-ST

Static eliminator

Power - SKU: 110VAC

110VAC 50-60 HZ Single Phase

Power - SKU: 220VAC

220VAC 50-60 HZ Single Phase

Replacement Guillotine Knife Assembly - SKU: GO110D-P

110mm [4.33"] cutting area

Replacement Blade Set - SKU: GO110D BLADE SET

D2 Includes movable and stationary blades

Replacement Blade Set - SKU: GO110S BLADE SET

Stainless steel Includes movable blade and stationary blade

Jam Sensor - SKU: FG-JE-1

Unit automatically shuts down when no product is sensed exiting the knife assembly

No Product Sensor - SKU: FG-NP-1

Unit will automatically shut down when no product is sensed entering the rollers.

Register Eye - SKU: NOREG

No register eye

Register Eye - SKU: RERB

Round beam

Register Eye - SKU: REFB-2

Flat beam

Register Eye - SKU: RECE

Color eye

Register Eye - SKU: RETB

Through beam

Preset Recipes - SKU: RECIPE

Allows for quick transition between multiple products.

Exit Chute - SKU: EXIT-1


Exit Chute - SKU: EXITSCL

Short cut length, for cut lengths shorter than 50.8mm[2"]

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