Unwind Stand / Rewind Stand

UD Dancer

Unwind Stand / Rewind Stand

SKU: UD Dancer

Cantilever-style unwind stands, both powered and unpowered, are available. They can be bench-mounted and are simple to use. The flange can be removed and locked in place without tools. The unit comes with an on/off switch as well as a three-position toggle switch for easy operation. The unwind/rewind controls tension using the provided dancer.

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  • Quick changeover without tools
  • Long-lasting
  • Power requirements:  110 VAC or 220 VAC
  • Maximum roll diameter:  610mm [24″]
  • Maximum roll weight:  45kg [99lb]
  • Maximum roll width:  965mm [38″]
  • Multiple roll unwinding
  • Core holders: air shaft, flange, differential
  • Bases: direct, stand, baseplate
  • Custom unwinds up to 1,016mm [40″] wide and 1,361kg [3,000lb]

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