SUR-SIZE™ Sheeter


SUR-SIZE™ Sheeter

SKU: FGW-1000

AZCO SUR SIZE™ Sheeter FGW 1000 is the highly versatile and customizable automatic cutter for precision cutting flexible materials to your most precise continuous process requirements.  Simple to use, place your roll onto an air shaft. The air shaft is supported by safety chucks for quick roll change.  A motorized unwind and a dancer assembly provide constant web tension as the material goes over the ball-bearing idle rollers.  Precision ground urethane rollers are turned by a brushless servo motor, providing clean cut lengths and low maintenance.  Your material is accurately cut by our easy to replace guillotine knife cartridge.  An operator can enter all settings in our easy to use color touchscreen.

The Building Blocks of Automation

Build your own unit!

Standard modules can be purchased alone or in combination to build a solution that meets your unique needs.

ConveyorPunch AssemblySlitter StationStackerTraveling KnivesUnwind/Rewind
  • 1,000mm [39.37”] cut width.  Recommended maximum material width is 965mm [38″]
  • Servo motor drive system
  • Color touchscreen for easy operator set up
  • Precision ground urethane drive rollers
  • Rugged clear anodized frame with stainless covers
  • Long-life tool steel guillotine blades
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.38mm [0.015″] or +/- 0.1% (whichever is larger)
  • Rate: Adjustable from color touchscreen
  • Power requirements: 200 – 240 VAC single phase 50-60Hz, 30 amps
  • 90 psi [6 bar] clean dry air
  • Powered unwind/rewind
  • Heavy duty unwind/rewind
  • Slitting station
  • Material flow package
  • Jam sensor
  • No-product sensor
  • Low-product sensor
  • Light tower
  • Eye registration
  • Dual drive nip rollers
  • Segmented rollers
  • Web guiding system
  • Blade clamp
  • Take-away conveyor
  • Accumulator
  • Automated stacking station (tray lift)
  • Splice table

Corrugated, Film, Foil, Nonwovens, Paper, Rubber Products

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