Electric Knife Option Elevates Sheeter Performance and Versatility

Electrification is reaching all corners of manufacturing lines — and converting machines are no exception. For example, the SUR SIZE™ Sheeter now includes an all-electric knife option, offering sustainable benefits on top of its ability to precisely and consistently cut a variety of materials. Let’s take a closer look at this machine, along with the key features, benefits and range of customizable options.

A Highly Versatile Automatic Cutter

SUR SIZE™ Sheeters are highly versatile and customizable automatic cutters. To begin, place your roll of material onto an air shaft that is supported by safety chucks. This ensures that the material is held in place. From the motorized unwind, material passes over a dancer assembly, which provides constant web tension and is accurately fed by servo feed rollers. The material then passes over a series of idler rollers. 

Next, a brushless servo motor turns the precision-ground urethane rollers that pull the material into the cut-to-length station. The guillotine knife assembly then accurately cuts the material, providing clean cut lengths. Materials can include films, foils, nonwovens, paper, corrugated material or rubber products. Finally, the cut material falls down a safety enclosed chute.


Thanks to its modular design elements, SUR SIZE™ Sheeters are easy to customize with a variety of options that include heavy-duty motorized unwinds and rewinds, slitting stations, various sensors, eye registration, dual-drive nip rollers, blade clamps, automated stacking stations, splice tables, accumulators and much more. 

In addition to these options, these machines also include an electric knife option, which — in tandem with the servo motor — point to the greater electrification trend that is currently transforming many industrial processes. Compared to traditional pneumatics, these electric components cut down on the energy required to complete the converting process, reducing operating costs, improving sustainability and promoting greater energy efficiency. At the same time, they offer more precise control, resulting in accurate and consistent cuts every time.

Additional SUR SIZE™ Sheeter specifications include the following:

  • Servo motor drive system
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.38 mm (or +/- 0.1%)
  • Color touchscreen for easy setup and control
  • 90 psi of clean dry air
  • Rugged clear anodized frame with stainless covers
  • 1,000-mm (FGW-1000) and 1650-mm (FGW-1650) cut widths

Customizing a Sheeter With Slitter and Outfeed Conveyor

A testament to the SUR SIZE™ Sheeter’s customizability, we designed and manufactured a FGW-1650 capable of slitting and cutting plastic film with a width of 54 inches and thickness of 0.015 of an inch. The material is pulled off a dual freewheeling unwind, while a roller with a brake provides back tension before the material enters the slitting station. A fiber optic sensor locates the register mark and indexes the material to be cut in the proper location. Finally, the slit material is cut to length and dropped onto a conveyor.

To learn more about how our SUR SIZE™ Sheeters can meet your requirements, contact us today.