This modular knife assembly can be made to any size up to 5.5m/18′ cut width.  It has a rotary shear cut blade which cuts against a hardened anvil.  Also available is the crush cut blade, which could be used in place of the shear cut blade for perforating, crush cutting, or score cutting of the material.  Two actuators are available: a pneumatic system or a digital electric drive package.

The cutting process starts with the material entering the unit up to the specified length.  Then the clamp secures the material in place as the blade travels straight across the web for a clean cut.  End-of-stroke sensors indicate when the cut has come to each end, which allows the unit to cut in either direction.

  • Modular design is ready to install as a stand-alone or in-line unit
  • Units can be mounted in any orientation for convenient operation
  • Ideal for wide materials
  • Comes with mounting holes for easy installation
  • Pneumatic clamp holds the material securely during the cutting process
  • End of travel sensors provide feedback to the controller
  • Cut widths up to 5.5m/18′
  • Recommended maximum material width: 610mm [24″]
  • Maximum material thickness is 5mm [0.19″]
  • Estimated cycle time for a 1524mm/60″ pneumatic traveling knife is 1.5 seconds/cycle (depends on pneumatic system)
  • Power Requirement: 110VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Air Requirement: 2.75 – 6 bar [40-90 PSI]
  • The electric version can be supplied with either a step or servo motor drive, with or without the motor driver package
  • Electrically Driven Knife Assembly (Servo)
  • Motorized Knife Travel (No Motor)
  • Hook-up Kit: 24VDC x 1/4″ Tubing
  • Hook-up Kit: 24VDC x 3/8″ Tubing
  • Hook-up Kit: 110VDC x 1/4″ Tubing
  • Hook-up Kit: 110VDC x 3/8″ Tubing
  • Several options of crush cut patterns can be provided, along with a score-cut cutter which is pneumatically pre-loaded down to a precision depth
  • Different motor drive packages with motor controllers
  • Different types of NPN or PNP sensors for end of stroke sensing and clamp down sensing if required
  • Frame
  • Slitter station
  • Roll feed for indexing material
  • Takeaway conveyors for after the material is cut
  • Complete integrated machines including this module
  • Perforating blade option

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