Rotary Sheeter Provides Clean Cuts For Rubber Cutting Application

Fairfield, NJ – April 4, 2013 – AZCO Corporation was recently able to provide a solution for a customer who needed a machine to cut .3” thick by 15” wide rubber on their extruder line. Application requirements included the ability to keep up with an extruder line speed of 45ft/min.  Cut length was 12”-25” with a cut accuracy of +/-.020”.

The solution was a rotary sheeter model FRC-630 cut-to-length assembly. There was a loop between the extrusion process and the sheeter. The sheeter became a slave to the process. A loop sensor monitored the presence of the loop. From the loop the material went onto the infeed conveyor. The conveyor, along with the help of a set of dual drive rollers, indexed the material. Silicon rollers were used to minimize sticking of the material. The rollers were turned by a brushless stepper motor, providing high accuracy and low maintenance.

The rotary cutter was designed for continuous material throughput. Driven by a servo motor, the rotary crush cut assembly cleanly cut the material. After the rotary cutter, the material went on to a takeaway conveyor. The 8’ long conveyor, positioned at the end of the cut-to-length unit, pulled the material away from the knife assembly. The assembly also included a jam sensor and a no product sensor, which would automatically shut down the unit when no product was sensed.

The unit was PLC controlled. An operator control panel was provided, which included a color touch screen for easy setup and operation of the unit.

AZCO Corp. has over 25 years experience developing solutions for a wide range of feeding and cutting applications. They offer cutting edge, field proven systems and components that are easily adapted to meet the needs of the most complex applications. AZCO Corp. will provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for you.