Pre-Made Pouch Machine

Fairfield, NJ – July 2, 2019 – AZCO Corp. is excited to introduce their simple to use pre-made pouch machine at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019 which will allow companies to make pouches up to 9” [225mm] wide on-demand. Please visit us in Booth 4333, September 23-25 to see this innovative product.

After surveying many people in the medical device industry to learn and understand what current challenges they are facing and what we could do to help them, it was determined that pouches are a critical component in both manufacturing and packaging of their products.

Medical device manufacturers must focus on satisfying the needs of healthcare providers, while having a simple, reliable and easy way to provide lot, date, code serialization of their products. At the same time, they need to have the flexibility to have the correct quantity and size of pouches on hand when needed.  They are looking to create the best packaging solution for each product line, using the most effective material properties and sealing method. The integrity of the pouch, and its sealing, is one of the most important steps in packaging. 

Companies are looking to shorten processes, increase efficiency and throughput, improve validation, reduce errors, meet regulatory requirements, and speed to market.

Current challenges that they face in using pouches include having to carry large inventories of pouches which has a shelf-life expiration, long lead times, paying higher costs for low volumes, package integrity validation requirements, and the need for unique serialization for each pouch.

AZCO designed and manufactured a solution which will enable companies to make pouches on-demand.  The compact table top unit includes an unwind, impulse sealer, and a cut to length unit that will give users flexibility to make any size pouch on-demand. This helps improve output and efficiency, and reduces lead times.  The HS-250 will give companies a competitive way to make pouches on-demand or for inventory. Companies will have the ability to mark and serialize the pouches using thermal transfer, inkjet printing, or laser marking.  They will be able to validate the sealer which enables them to meet demands by device manufacturers and new ISO 11607-2 international standards requiring suppliers to validate their sealing and forming process of preformed sterile barrier systems, and speeds up the cycle time by eliminating the need for third party validation.

There is currently nothing on the market that is a table top unit that will enable a company to create pre-made pouches on-demand with unique serialization.

A wide variety of pouch materials can be used including polyethylene, polypropylene, heat sealable foils, paper/polyester, plastic Mylar™ and Tyvek™ . Some of the applications are medical device packaging, biological samples, wound care, IVD test kits, clean room electronic packaging, and aerospace packaging. 

The unit is designed to meet the medical, electronic, and aerospace industry validation requirements for sanitary and sterile applications.  It is table top in size and requires 110vac.  Available options include marking systems, take-away conveyor, and a portable stand.