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ACU-SLIT™ Slitter Module

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ACU-SLIT™ Slitter Module | SLC Crush

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The AZCO ACU-SLIT™ slitter module can operate as an in-line option on cut-to-length assemblies, a replacement for worn slitter stations on any web machine, or an add-on to any web processing equipment.

The simplest application of a slitter is where it is placed immediately before a roll feeder. As the feeder pulls the web, it is automatically slit to size. A more complex application is where a motorized slitter cuts dense materials.

Crush cut slitters effectively cut thicker, low density materials such as filter media and non-woven. This is a convenient unit for frequent changeovers.
Received an order for an application to perform high-precision slitting. Worked with AZCO Corporation to supply a slitting unit to fit the bill. Received the slitting unit and installed the unit into our line. The slitting unit worked flawlessly and exceeded our expectations. We have used AZCO Corporation products for many years and have been happy with the equipment AZCO has provided. AZCO is the first company we call on when we have a need for slitting and shearing equipment.

Machine Builder
  • Roll feeder for indexing the material
  • Rotary or guillotine cut off modules
  • Unwinds
  • Rewinds
  • Punch
  • modules
  • Drive packages to meet the application
  • Individual solenoid valves for each holder, which could be turned on and off based on slit requirements
  • Automatic position of holders
  • Stainless steel models available for food or wash down requirements
  • Modular design including mounting holes for easy installation
  • Pneumatic crush cut holders mounted on to dovetail bar
  • Clean cuts
  • Long blade life
  • Tooling blade snaps out in a minute
  • Quick disconnect from common manifold
  • High load precision bearings for long life
  • Tool steel hardened anvil
  • Made to drop into your application
  • Power requirements: 110 V AC or 220 V AC
  • 80 psi (5.5 bar) compressed air
  • Hardened D2 tool steel
  • Unit will be supplied with crush-cut movable blades
  • Precision bearings will be used, designed to take high load forces
  • Unit will be supplied with an output shaft, which can be driven
  • Unit will have a clear anodized finish on all aluminum components
Any thin flexible material non wovens, filter media, films, foils, paper


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