ACU-SLIT™ Slitter Module

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ACU-SLIT™ Slitter Module | SLS Shear

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This modular unit is designed to be bolted onto new or existing equipment. Easy to use. All units come with mounting holes. Precision ground top and bottom shafts are used to hold the shear cut tooling. An eccentric locking system is used to attach the shear cut blades to the shaft. Turning the tooling 90 degrees lets the user adjust the slitters anywhere along the shaft. High load precision bearings are used to support the shafting.

A shear cut slitter provides clean, precise cuts on flexible materials. It also provides the longest blade life. High quality tool steel is used. Several options are available depending on the application. This unit is supplied with an output shaft which could be driven by your existing equipment, or we offer motor drive packages to meet the application.

  • We could add our other modules onto this unit to meet your specific requirements. Send us your application.
  • Pneumatic shear cut holders
  • Release coatings on the blades to reduce adhesive or material build up
  • Motor drive packages
  • Roll feed systems
  • Cut off assemblies for cross web cutting
  • Infeed guides
  • Stainless steel models available for food or wash down requirements
  • Modular design including mounting holes for easy installation
  • Eccentric locking system for quick blade adjustment for different width cuts
  • Clean cuts
  • Long blade life
  • High load precision bearings for long life
  • Made to drop into your application
  • Power requirements: 110 V AC or 220 V AC
  • Rotary shear blades include a top dish knife, eccentric locking collar, and a lower anvil blade with the eccentric locking collar
  • Slitter blades can easily be adjusted across width of unit; spanner wrenches are included for this adjustment
Films, foils, paper, non wovens, pads, plastic materials, thin metals, medical test strips, Velcro like materials, laminations


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