CI-250 Inserter

For absorbent pads and tray liners


Fairfield, NJ – September 16, 2014 – AZCO Corp. is a manufacturer of reliable and simple to use inserting machines that can automatically feed, cut, and dispense materials such as absorbent pads, tray liners, coupons and instruction sheets.

The ACU-SERT™ CI-250 inserter is a rotary cut-to-length, self contained unit that can be easily positioned anywhere on your production line. Its flexible design automatically feeds rolls of material up to 250 mm/ 9 inches wide. The roll of material is mounted on a separate unwind stand, and the outfeed rollers can be adjusted from horizontal to a 45° angle downward for accurate and effective product insertion.

The use of material in roll form will save approximately 20% on the cost of the material compared to pre-cut sheets. Utilizing rolls also reduces labor costs and eliminates operator error. One roll can hold over 30,000 insertions, and there is no need to continuously load a magazine, as is done with pre-cut sheets. Additional benefits include easy mounting, easy setup from a color touchscreen, high productivity of up to 300 inserts per minute, and low maintenance sealed bearings and rotary knife cartridge.

AZCO Corp. has specialized in the feeding and cutting of flexible materials for over 30 years, focusing on giving customers the benefits of targeted expertise, skills and resources, along with proven units and modules best suited for each type of operation. AZCO Corp. will provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for you