This application required cutting and placing absorbent pads into trays on a moving line, and then cutting and dispensing desiccant into the same trays.

Material:  Absorbent pad and oxygen absorber.

Our Solution:

We crafted a complete system using our standard inserter and desiccant dispenser with a conveyor.  The units were mounted on adjustable motorized stands for easy mobility.

  • The roll of material is placed on the cantilever design unwind
  • A dancer arm controls the tension
  • The material is guided into the unit
  • A register eye identifies where to index and cut the material
  • The absorbent pad is positioned over a tray line
  • Cut product is automatically placed into the tray moving below
  • Oxygen absorber material  enters the 5D dispenser
  • Individual cut pieces are dropped into the tray below
  • An optic sensor validates an absorber has been placed

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