Punch Assembly UP-40 [Pre-Owned]

201032C [PRE-OWNED]

Punch Assembly UP-40 [Pre-Owned]

SKU: 201032C [PRE-OWNED]

Our modular punch assemblies have a punch-and-die design to make custom-shaped cut-outs. Available in pneumatic or electric configurations, our punch units use hardened-steel tooling that is clean-cutting and fast-acting. The assembly can be mounted in any orientation, so you can add it to any converting, processing, or assembly line in any way you see fit! Just bolt it on! 

  • Modular design and construction
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Pneumatically operated punch
  • Hardened and precision ground matched punch and matrix
  • Framework is supplied in clear anodized aluminum
  • Punch and matrix will be a matched set
  • Any design that fits within a 40 mm/1.6” diameter circle
  • Centerline of punch is 38 mm/1.3” from edge of web and can be modified to meet your requirements
  • NPT Fitting
  • 90 PSI (6 bar) compressed air

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