SKU: PC-50

This automatic bench top tubing cutter is ideal for processing your flexible tubing up to 2″.  Automating your process increases accuracy, speed and productivity.  The tubing is indexed by a dual drive tractor belt system for high accuracy.  For easy operator use, the indexing motor is controlled by the touch screen; simply enter the length and number of pieces.  Some options include material guides, a lubrication system, and a dancer unwind & baseplate package.

  • Compact bench top unit with permanently sealed and lubricated bearings.
  • Easy operator interface using touch screen – enter the length and number of parts.
  • Reduce inventory by making on-demand.
  • Quick, easy, tool-less blade replacement.
  • Tractor belt is pre-loaded to allow for adjustable holding force to ensure tubing doesn’t slip or get crushed.
  • Drive belts allow for a larger contact area, leading to greater accuracy and faster speeds.
  • Includes capability to store up to (20) recipes.
  • Maximum outside diameter: 50mm [2”]
  • Power Requirements: 110VAC 50 or 60 hz
  • Air Requirements:  2.75 – 6 bar [40 – 60 PSI]
  • Cut Length:  5 – 9,999mm [0.2 – 999”]
  • Tolerance:  +/- 1mm [0.039”] or 0.5% of the length whichever is larger
  • Material Guides
  • One Shot for remote input signal
  • No Product Sensor
  • Alcohol Lubrication System
  • Dancer Unwind and Base Plate Package
  • Barcode Scanning Program
  • Custom Material Guides
  • Particle Vacuum System ideal for clean rooms

Most flexible heavy and thin plastic or non-wire reinforced tubing such as: flexible PVC, hosing, latex, medical tubing, nylon tubing, polyethylene, polypropylene, rubber hose, silicone, Tygon, vinyl tubing

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