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This dispenser handles pouches up to 3.5 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick at speeds of up to 100 cuts per minute. It incorporates a guillotine cutter and uses compressed air to drive the knife. It is ideal for narrow, limited space applications.

AZCO pouch dispensers feed and cut 3-dimensional pouched products from a continuous strip wound on a reel or fan folded container. Typical products are desiccants, ingredient pouches for food products, overwrapped medical components, household components, and promotional materials. A dual tractor drive system easily handles a continuous web of slippery foil and Tyvek pouches without the crushing pressure associated with nip roll drives. New tracking software eliminates product variation issues and accurately registers cut position, even with irregular pouch lengths or misprinted pouches, to ensure no mis-cuts and no stopping. Eliminates the need for manual insertion of materials.

  • Self-teach optics
  • Self-threading
  • Tool-less product changeover in under 5 minutes
  • Maximum web width: 60mm [2.36″]
  • Maximum thickness: 7mm [0.275″]
  • Power requirements:  110VAC 50/60Hz [220VAC optional]
  • Air requirement: 2.75 – 6 bar [40-90 PSI]
  • Cycle rate: 100 cuts per minute
  • Waffle grip belt system – grips material on both sides
  • 2-phase stepper
  • Bottle handling systems
  • All-electric system, pneumatic free
  • Servo drive system
  • Lexan enclosure
  • Clean room or wash down models
  • Allen Bradley controls

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Total Price:

Spare blade set - SKU: SP4D-AA-1

Set includes moveable and stationary blades.

Maintenance Kit - SKU: AZC-AZRBK

Blades, bearings, shafts, springs, pulleys, belts, and gear assembly are included.

Additional Material Guides - SKU: SP4D-G-T######A

Manufactured to specific material size.

Pneumatic Bottle Escapement - SKU: 205057PEHG

Escapement operates up to speeds of 60 bottles per minute.

Timing Screw Escapement - SKU: SP4D-TS-1

This system is recommended for application faster than 60 bottles per minute.

Additional Timing Screws - SKU: SP4D-ADDTS-1

The timing screw will be manufactured to the specifications of a specific bottle size.

Full Lexan Enclosure - SKU: SP4D-EN-1

The Lexan enclosure will separate the pouch spool from the outside environment.

Desiccant Dehumidifier - SKU: SP4D-DEH-1

Designed to be used with the “FULL LEXAN ENCLOSURE

Nitrogen Purge System - SKU: SP4D-NP-1

The system will allow the customer to regulate the amount of nitrogen released into the enclosure.

Trigger Eye - SKU: 220049H

A reflective eye will monitor the line and initiate the unit to cycle when a trigger is present.

High Consistency Escapement - SKU: SP4D-HP-######A

The escapement will have a trap door to ensure the material is placed accurately.

Standard Exit Chute - SKU: 4D-G-X######A

Standard vertical drop

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