This application required accurately cutting and dispensing desiccant material from a roll into containers at a cycle rate of 200 CPM.

Material:  desiccant pouches in roll form

  • Material Width:  19.05mm
  • Packet Length:  51.05mm

Our Solution: 

AZCO Corp. designed and manufactured a SUR-PAK™ VIP-100 pouch dispenser with unwind, timing screw, and a motorized, adjustable equipment stand.

  • A roll of material is placed on a motorized unwind. A dancer arm adjusts the speed of the unwind to maintain proper web tension.
  • From the unwind, the material is guided into dual servo driven tractor belts.
  • When the material is in place, the belts can be closed and the material can be primed or automatically self-feeds to the proper starting position.
  • A guide directs the material from the belt drive into the knife assembly.
  • An optical sensor detects the seal between the packets and signals the unit to cycle.
  • A sensor triggers the dispenser when the bottle is in position.
  • The desiccant pouch is dispensed into bottles below which are guided by a timing screw on an adjustable speed conveyor (not included).
  • This option is ideal for higher speeds to increase drop consistency.
  • A second sensor is used down stream on the conveyor to stop the unit if bottles are backed up on the conveyor.
  • The unit has an industrial controller with an operator control panel which includes a touch screen for easy setup and operation.
  • An adjustable motorized equipment stand allows the unit to be adjusted to raise and lower as well as having easy mobility of the unit.
  • Utility requirements: 110 VAC and 30-90psi [2-6 bar] compressed air.

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