This application required reducing the pieces of material to small squares, roughly 10mm [0.39in] x 10mm [0.39in].

Material: fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber

  • 20cm [7.87in] x 29cm [11.42in]
  • Thickness:  15mm [0.59in]– 25mm [0.98in]


Our Solution:

We provided a custom feeding and cutting solution consisting of 2 guillotine knives and 2 conveyors.

  • The feeding and cutting solution consists of 2 guillotine knife assemblies and 2 conveyors.
  • Unit has a remotely mounted control box which is PLC controlled.
  • The material is placed on the first conveyor.
  • The conveyor indexes the material in 10mm increments through the first GC-400 knife assembly
  • Clamps securely hold the material down while it is being cut.
  • Each 10mm strip travels on to the second conveyor.
  • The second conveyor indexes each strip 10mm through the second GC-250 guillotine.
  • The size reduced polymer drops out of the machine into a container.
  • All components are mounted on an aluminum top place and frame.

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