Custom FG-400 with a dancer unwind and conveyor. It includes an encoder, 3 modes of operation, eye registration, PTFE coated material guide, a reduced rake of 3.3 degrees, large opening and pneumatic preload. Minimum length 2”, max length 65”.


  • The rollers are turned by a brushless stepper motor which provides high accuracy and low maintenance.
  • Precision ground ball bearings, which require no lubrication.
  • A PTFE coated material guide help direct the material from the drive rollers into the knife assembly.
  • The knife assembly has thru hardened O-1 tool steel blades.
  • Linear ball bearing bushings.
  • Pneumatically operated knife assembly.
  • An operator control panel is provided which includes a touch screen for easy setup and operation of the unit.
  • 400mm cutting area.
  • Pneumatic Preload Top Idler – Includes pneumatic cylinder, pressure regulator, air switch, and all necessary hosing and hardware for easier setup of the machinery.
  • ½” thick aluminum plate mount the units.
  • Infeed roller with adjustable collars.
  • Material guides, rollers and opening of knife assembly accommodate webs with a thickness up to ½” thick.


  • Cantilever design and construction powered by an AC motor and drive
  • Drive maintains a loop – controlled by the dancer assembly – of material to prevent any web tension
  • A manual control on the unwind tower controls the motor speed
  • Standard unit can handle a roll of material with a maximum OD of 18″, a maximum width of 14″ on a 3″ ID core weighing less than 50 lbs.


Encoder wheel is used to measure the web for accurate cut-off. As the wheel turns it sends pulses to the PLC (self-calibrating with the encoder wheel). Tolerance of unit is between 0.25% and 0.5% for lengths of 2” to 65”.


  • Continuous 78-80 durometer urethane belt.
  • High strength anodized aluminum alloy frame.
  • Unit is driven by a DC gear motor.


  1. 1st mode has the unit measure the length of the piece from the rollers
  2. 2nd mode has the unit measure length from the encoder wheel
  3. 3rd mode has the unit measure length from the rollers and perform a check. The unit compares the measured length on the encoder wheel as compared to the rollers. If the lengths are outside a set tolerance, the unit will stop with an error.

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