AZCO’s VIP-100 Pouch Dispenser


Fairfield, NJ – June 10, 2015 – AZCO Corp.’s SUR-PAK™ model VIP-100 is a motor fed precision cutting machine. It is designed to cut and dispense a wide variety of materials of varying thickness fed from a continuous web. If you are dispensing desiccant, oxygen absorbers, food packs, or promotional items, this unit is the ideal solution.

With the purchase of an AZCO Corp. dispenser, you have the freedom of choice to use any brand or type of material that you want. You will see payback in weeks, depending on your production. In today’s competitive environment, no one wants to be restricted to using only one source of supplier. You deserve to have the flexibility to get competitive pricing or to change what kind of material you are running through your equipment.

The latest design includes a timing screw, ensuring controlled and accurate insertion into bottles at a speed of 200 cycles per minute. The unique cantilever design of the SUR-PAK™ VIP-100 allows for easy cleaning and servicing. Product changes can be made without the use of tools in 90 seconds, with knife replacement done in 60 seconds. The VIP-100 is just that simple to use. The unit requires 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, and a 30-90 PSI [2-6 bar] supply of compressed air.

Since AZCO puts all of their efforts into designing and manufacturing equipment, you benefit from the latest innovations in dispensing. AZCO Corp.’s experience and knowledge in working with many different materials, in many types of applications, makes them the best choice to help you with technical and equipment support.