AZCO Corp.'s 5D Desiccant Dispenser - Compact, Easy to Use, Affordable


Fairfield, NJ – September 23, 2013 –  AZCO Corp. is excited to unveil their new 5D desiccant dispenser at Pack Expo 2013.  This unit is compact in size, easy to use, and affordable.  With dimensions of 7”x12”x14”, the 5D dispenser is smaller than other dispensers, by far.  Just plug it in for easy use.  It is affordable and economical, and it offers you freedom of choice to run all desiccants.

The new dispenser is compatible with all types of materials.  In today’s competitive environment, no one wants to be restricted to using only one source of supplier.  You deserve to have the flexibility to get competitive pricing or to change what kind of material you are running through your equipment.  With the purchase of an AZCO Corp. desiccant dispenser, you have the freedom of choice to use any material that you want.  You will see payback in weeks, depending on your production.

Self teaching optic technology imbedded into the cutting head gives you the ability to run different types of material through the dispenser.  The unit is self-threading, making the aligning of the material uncomplicated.  The unique cantilever design offers full access to all the components, which makes set up and replacement quick and easy. 

Because AZCO puts all of their efforts into designing and manufacturing equipment, you benefit from the latest innovations in desiccant dispensing.  AZCO Corp.’s experience and knowledge in working with many different materials, in many types of applications, makes them the best choice to help you with technical and equipment support.