Ideal for adhesive based materials


For Immediate Release

Fairfield, NJ – June 19, 2014– AZCO Corporation has designed a vacuum index system ideally suited for handling materials where only one surface can be contacted. These would include adhesive based materials, precision foils or films where only one surface contact would be possible, reflective or lens quality materials where contacting two surfaces would damage or degrade the material, and materials where contact on both surfaces would actually change the thickness or characteristics of the material.

The vacuum index system is a complete system which includes a transfer section, a vacuum generating station, and precision drive package. Together, this module is able to handle different width materials. The material is vacuum-held onto a transfer belt which is a continuous, smooth urethane belt with vacuum ports. The structured transfer system comes in different widths and lengths and different mounting arrangements for easy installation into your process or into your equipment. A vacuum system is sized for your transfer device and material; all you have to do is plug it in. Power requirements are 110V AC or 230V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Benefits include high precision indexing of materials, its compact size, and no marking or marring on materials. It is ideal for many environments, including industrial environments and food and medical device industries.

AZCO Corp. is an ISO 2001:2008 certified company with over 30 years experience developing solutions for a wide range of feeding and cutting applications. They offer cutting edge, field proven systems and components that are easily adapted to meet the needs of the most complex applications. AZCO Corp. will provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for you.