Tubing Cutter

Fairfield, NJ – December 1, 2014 – AZCO Corp. has designed a tubing cutter capable of making highly accurate cuts at a 45° angle. The unit has accuracy of +/- 2.5mm [0.1”] at 100mm [3.9”] lengths. It can cut heavy and thin plastic or rubber non-wire reinforced tubing up to 25mm [1”] in diameter.

This system is offered as a stand alone table top unit, or it can be a slave to your process. The tubing is indexed by a servo motor with dual drive tractor belt system for high accuracy. Easy operation is accomplished with a touch screen; simply enter the length, number of pieces, and press START.

Replaceable knife cartridges can be set up for different angled cuts as well as standard perpendicular cuts. These can be quickly changed over between multiple materials with multiple cut angles. Options include a static eliminator package, a dancer unwind, and a no product sensor. The pneumatically operated knife assembly requires 40-60 psi [2.75-3 Bar] compressed air and 110V AC or 220 V AC.

AZCO Corp. has specialized in the feeding and cutting of flexible materials for over 30 years, focusing on giving customers the benefits of targeted expertise, skills and resources, along with proven units and modules best suited for each type of operation. AZCO Corp. will provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for you.