This application required unwinding and precisely cutting sheets of heavy duty kraft paper from a roll form at various lengths.


  • Various lengths of sheets of kraft paper from roll form up to 35.5”
  • Material width: 13.5” [342.9mm]
  • Material thickness: less than 5mm [0.19”]


Our Solution:

AZCO Corp. designed and manufactured a cut-to-length assembly with an unwind station to precisely cut sheets of heavy duty kraft paper from roll form at various lengths.

  • Rolls of material are loaded onto the cantilevered unwind.
  • Unwind station has a variable speed motor and control panel.
  • A rocker switch allows the unit to change direction for easy setup and versatility.
  • From the unwind, material travels under the dancer arm as it controls the speed and tension of the material web.
  • Material travels over a series of idler rollers and into the cut-to-length station.
  • A set of precision ground urethane rollers pulls the material into the cut-to-length station.
  • Pressure between rollers is manually adjustable by the operator.
  • A toggle switch allows for the operator to lift the idler roller to allow for easy setup of a new web.
  • Unit can be operated in both automatic or manual modes with a dry contact one shot input.
  • Material is then cut by a pneumatically operated D2 heat treated tool steel blade.
  • Cut material then falls down a short safety enclosed exit chute.
  • A jam sensor will automatically shut the unit down when there is no material exiting the knife assembly.
  • The sensor is mounted in the middle of the web path.
  • Unit has a color touch screen for easy setup and operation.
  • Custom cut lengths and cycles can be input on the unit’s touch screen.
  • Additional option of preset recipes allows the operator to set values of cut length, batch information, total cycles and eye settings.
  • Unit requirements: Power requirements: 110 VAC 50-60 Hz [220 VAC available upon request] Air requirements: 2.75-6 bar [40-90PSI], 3.4 SCFM


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