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ACU-SLIT™ Crush & Shear Slitting Machines

Backed by more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, AZCO Corp. specializes in custom solutions for the converting, food, packaging and medical industries. One of our many product capabilities is the slitter, which seamlessly integrates into your existing packaging or converting line, or which can be free-standing. Our designs make installation and removal quick and easy.

Once implemented, our systems will help to increase production, speed, and savings.

AZCO Corp. offers two main types of slitters: shear and crush cut modules. Our shear cut slitters feature top and bottom knives that work together in a scissor-like fashion to make a material separation. Our crush cut slitter modules pass materials between a blade and sleeve, or hardened roll, to make a separation. Our catalog features the following slitter models:

ACU-SLIT™ SLS Shear Cut Slitter

The ACU-SLIT™ SLS Shear slitter machine is designed to easily integrate with new or existing equipment. All of these units feature mounting holes for added convenience and various options for ease of use. Equipped with precision top and bottom shafts and a state-of-the-art locking system, blades can be quickly and easily adjusted or changed and secured back in place to accommodate different width cuts.

The ACU-SLIT™ SLS Shear cut slitter blade uses high-quality tool steel to perfectly shear your product while maintaining superior blade sharpness. These slitter machines are capable of cutting a variety of materials, including:

• Pads • Paper
• Foils • Films
• Nonwovens • Laminations
• Thin metals • Plastic materials
• Medical test strips • Velcro like materials


AZCO Corp. offers a number of add-on options for the SLS Shear cut slitter such as motor drive packages, roll feed systems, in-feed guides, and more. Stainless steel models are also available for food or wash down applications.

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ACU-SLIT™ SLC Crush Cut Slitter

For replacing worn slitter stations, adding-on to web processing equipment, or operating as an in-line option with cut-to-length machinery, consider the ACU-SLIT™ SLC Crush slitter machine. Our crush slitters effectively slice through thicker materials thanks to hardened D2 tool steel and easily movable blade technology.

These units feature precision bearings to take high load forces, pneumatic crush cut holders that are mounted onto the dovetail bar, and include pre-drilled mounting holes for easy integration for any application. The ACU-SLIT™ Crush cut slitting machine cuts through any thin, flexible materials, such as:

• Foils • Films
• Paper • Filter Media
• Nonwovens  


We offer an array of options and accessories for these units. Options available include drive packages, solenoid valves, automatic positioning, and stainless steel models. Roll feeders, unwinds, rewinds, punches, guillotine or rotary cut-offs, and other modules can be purchased to complete your production line.

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About Our Company

AZCO Corp. is an established leader in feeding and cutting solutions for converting and packaging. We are a renowned slitting machine manufacturer with decades of experience, countless satisfied customers, and a commitment to excellence. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and employs the most knowledgeable engineers, designers, and techs available.

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