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SUR-SIZEā„¢ Sheet Cutting Machines

AZCO Corp. has been designing and manufacturing feeding, cutting, and sheeting units since 1983. We are committed to serving our customers, and our team of designers, engineers, and assemblymen are focused on helping you. Whether you need a sheet cutter for trimming films and foils, or a unit for cutting corrugated or rubber materials, we’ll provide you with equipment that meets your expectations, as well as the needs of your project.

Sheeters from AZCO Corp.

Our company currently offers two models of sheet cutting machines, each featuring a number of options to help add precision and speed to your production process:

SUR-SIZE™ FGW-1000/ FGW-1650 Sheeters

AZCO’s SUR-SIZE™ FGW model sheeters offer extreme precision and reliable, long-lasting performance. These units were built with user-friendliness in mind, and allow for quick and easy roll changes via the safety-chuck supported air shaft. Simply place the roll onto the air shaft and allow the motorized unwind and dancer assembly to move your material across the ball-bearing idler rollers.

SUR-SIZE™ FGW units produce the cleanest and most accurate cut lengths possible thanks to precision ground urethane rollers, brushless servo motors, and easily-replaceable guillotine knife assemblies. For added convenience, these sheeters are operated using a touchscreen display and a state-of-the-art PLC, which we can remotely access to help provide you with technical support from anywhere across the globe. For more information, refer to the spec table at the bottom of the page.


SUR-SIZE™ TS-54 Sheeter

Our TS-54 sheet cutter is perfect for low speed applications and can be installed in a few simple steps; just place your roll of material on the unwind shaft, thread it through the roll feeders, specify cut-length and quantity using the touchscreen interface, and voila! AZCO’s SUR-CUT™ traveling knife assembly will automatically cut your material with detail and precision.

If your process requires cutting the materials into strips, AZCO Corp. can also supply you with a slitter machine to add to your production line. Learn more about the TS-54 sheet cutting machine in the table below.


AZCO Corp. Sheeter Comparison

To help you with your decision, we've taken our sheeter units and compared them side-by-side, providing all of the information we thought that you'd find most useful. For a more detailed look at the specifications and features of each unit, please refer to their respective product sheets:

>>> Download the FGW-1000 & FGW-1650 Product Sheets

>>> Download the TS-54 Product Sheet


AZCO sheet cutter comparison


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If we haven't answered all of your questions at this point, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at: (973)-439-1428 or cs@azcocorp.com. Our team can assist you with any step of the selection and purchasing process. We thank you for your interest in these products and look forward to serving you!