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  1. FGW-1000 Sheeter Front View

    SUR-SIZEā„¢ Sheeter

    Model: FGW-1000

    AZCO SUR SIZE™ Sheeter FGW 1000 is the highly versatile and customizable automatic cutter for precision cutting flexible materials to your most precise continuous process requirements.


  2. SHEETER FGW-1000

    SHEETER FGW-1000

    Model: FGW-1000 218998

    Material:  Paper, Nonwoven, Film


    This application required unwinding three different types of material from a roll, and cutting the material to length.


  3. SHEETER FGW-1650

    SHEETER FGW-1650

    Model: CUSTOM SHEETER 220015

    Material:  Carbon fiber type material in roll form


    This application required cutting a 50” wide roll of material to various lengths.


  4. TS-54 Image

    SUR-SIZEā„¢ Sheeter TS-54

    Model: TS-54

    This compact, economical sheeter is ideal for low speed applications. Installation is a breeze and setup is done in just a few easy steps.  Simply place the roll onto the unwind shaft, thread the material through the roll feeders, and specify the cut length and quantity on the touchscreen. When ready, the SUR-CUT traveling knife assembly automatically cuts the material with exceptional precision, and with the addition of a slitter station you can also cut the material into strips of a desired width.


4 Item(s)

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