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  1. Custom CI-250 w/baseplate

    ACU-SERTā„¢ Inserter

    Model: CI-250

    The AZCO ACU-SERTā„¢ Inserter CI-250 will automatically feed, cut and dispense sheets for your application. With an optional eye registration system, the unit will cut registered sheets, without the need of a printed eye mark. The use of material in roll form will save approximately 20% of the cost of the material, compared to using pre-cut sheets. With a roll, labor is reduced and operator error is eliminated. One roll can hold over 30,000 insertions and there is no need to continuously load a magazine, as done with pre-cut sheets.


  2. SUR-PAKā„¢  Pouch Dispenser

    SUR-PAKā„¢ Pouch Dispenser

    Model: VIP-100

    The VIP-100 Pouch Dispenser offers you a simple to use machine. If you are dispensing desiccant, oxygen absorbers, food packs, or promotional items this unit is ideal. Easy to use, with one of the touch screen the VIP-100 automatically opens the dual tracker drive belts for loading.


2 Item(s)

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