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  1. Vacuum Index System

    Vacuum Index System

    Model: VIS-XXX-YY-Z

    Reduce the risk of damage to your product with our vacuum transfer system.

    AZCO’s vacuum index system is ideally suited for handling materials where only one surface can be contacted. The vacuum index system is a complete system which includes a transfer section, a vacuum generating station, and precision drive package. Together, this module is able to handle different width materials. The material is vacuum-held onto a transfer belt which is a continuous, smooth urethane belt with vacuum ports. The structured transfer system comes in different widths and lengths and different mounting arrangements for easy installation into your process or into your equipment. A vacuum system is sized for your transfer device and material; all you have to do is plug it in.


  2. Vacuum Index

    Vacuum Index

    Model: Custom Vacuum Index 214042

    • Precision indexing conveyor will have a variable speed motor drive package.
    • This will provide a constant speed set from a controller.
    • Drive can be connected off of your existing process or machine.
    • Clean surface, clear anodized aluminum frame structure.
    • Power requirements: 230 VAC 3 phase 50-60 Hz


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