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  1. Shear Cut Slitter Assembly SLS-250 [Pre-Owned]

    Shear Cut Slitter Assembly SLS-250 [Pre-Owned]

    Model: 201056 [PRE-OWNED]

    250mm Shear Cut Slitter Assembly with 7 Slitting Blades

    • Modular design including side plates and all ball bearing construction.
    • Slitter blades can easily be adjusted across the width of the unit; spanner wrenches are includes for this adjustment.
    • Rotary shear blades provide long life and clean cuts.
    • A knob on the anvil can be used to manually feed material through the slitter or the knob can be removed to attach a timing pulley to motorize the unit.
    • 7 Shear Cut Slitting Heads will be Provided



  2. Stacked Blades Slitter SLS [Pre-Owned]

    Stacked Blades Slitter SLS [Pre-Owned]

    Model: 209041C [PRE-OWNED]

    Stacked Blades Slitter SLS [Pre-Owned]



  3. Shear Cut Slitter Station SLS-110 [Pre-Owned]

    Shear Cut Slitter Station SLS-110 [Pre-Owned]

    Model: SLS-110 [PRE-OWNED]

    SLS-110 Slitter Station

    • Modular design including mounting holes for easy installation
    • Clean cuts
    • Long blade life
    • High load precision bearings for long life
    • Made to drop into your application



3 Item(s)

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