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Rotary Knife Assemblies

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  1. Rotary Knife - Crush Cutter [Pre-Owned]

    Rotary Knife - Crush Cutter [Pre-Owned]

    Model: RC-12SP [PRE-OWNED]

     Rotary crush cutter with hardened anvil and output shaft



  2. Rotary Knife - Mini Cutter [Pre-Owned]

    Rotary Knife - Mini Cutter [Pre-Owned]

    Model: MC-480 [PRE-OWNED]

    MC-480 Rotary Knife Assembly 



  3. Rotary Shear Knife Assembly RS-330 [Pre-Owned]

    Rotary Shear Knife Assembly RS-330 [Pre-Owned]

    Model: 200108 [PRE-OWNED]

    330mm Rotary Shear Knife Assembly

    • The rotary system has a solid hardened anvil
    • The rotary cutting blade cuts against the hardened anvil creating a shearing action
    • Blade materials are thru hardened D-2 tool steel
    • Unit will be supplied with one(1) shear cut movable blade
    • Precision bearings will be used; they are designed to take high load forces
    • Precision machined aluminum side frame plates
    • The unit will be supplied with an output shaft which can be driven
    • Mounting holes for easy installation



  4. Rotary Shear Knife Assembly MC-250 [Pre-Owned]

    Rotary Shear Knife Assembly MC-250 [Pre-Owned]

    Model: MC-250 [PRE-OWNED]

    MC-250 Rotary Shear Knife Assembly

    • Can replace rotary shears
    • Self-setting blade height
    • Good for thin materials
    • Two cutting blades per revolution
    • Lower solid anvil supports web during cutting
    • Mounting holes supplied



  5. Rotary Knife Assembly RS-500 [Pre-Owned]

    Rotary Knife Assembly RS-500 [Pre-Owned]

    Model: RS-500 [PRE-OWNED]

    • 500mm rotary shear cutter
    • Steel frame



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