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Guillotine Knife Assemblies

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  1. Knife Assembly GO-80C [Pre-Owned]

    Knife Assembly GO-80C [Pre-Owned]

    Model: GO-80C [PRE-OWNED]

    80mm Knife Assembly

    • Modular design and construction
    • Pneumatic knife assembly
    • Carbide blades
    • Linear ball bearing bushings
    • Precision ground guide shafts
    • Mounting holes for easy installation



  2. Knife Assembly GC-154 [Pre-Owned]

    Knife Assembly GC-154 [Pre-Owned]

    Model: 209005 [Pre-Owned]

    Knife Assembly GC-154

    • Low maintenance
    • Mounting holes on bottom of unit
    • 154mm blade opening



  3. Knife Assembly Show Unit GO-110 [Pre-Owned]

    Knife Assembly Show Unit GO-110 [Pre-Owned]

    Model: Standard Show Unit GO-110

    GO-110 Knife Assembly

    • Ready to install as stand-alone or in-line
    • Can be mounted in any position for convenient operation
    • Cutting rate up to 400 cuts per minute
    • Aluminum anodized frame
    • Tool steel blades
    • Linear bearings
    • Holes provided for mounting on flat, single-plane surfaces




  4. Knife Assembly SMARTKNIFE SKC-250 with Touchscreen [Pre-Owned]

    Knife Assembly SMARTKNIFE SKC-250 with Touchscreen [Pre-Owned]

    Model: SKC-250 [Demo]

    An Easy to Integrate Self-contained Cutting Package


    AZCO’s SmartKnife™ bridges the gap between the traditional guillotine knife and rotary knife. Equipped with a microprocessor and complete control package, it achieves the high speed of a rotary knife at a fraction of the cost. Its compact size offers great placement flexibility and can produce up to 400 cuts per minute.


    Just Bolt-It-On!



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