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AZCO Pouch Dispensers vs. Our Competitors

At AZCO, we understand the importance of saving time and money in production and manufacturing. Our line of pouch dispensers provides a highly cost-effective way to insert pouches (often filled with desiccants or oxygen absorbers) into containers, automating and streamlining the packaging process. The modular style of our pouch dispensers allows for easy installation and removal as well as smooth integration into existing line operations.

What are Pouch Dispensers?

A compact, efficient solution for the packaging industry, pouch dispensers seamlessly feed product into appropriately sized pouches for distribution on a production line. Our pouch dispensers are often used to dispense oxygen absorbers, desiccants, food packs, medications, and promotional items.

Advantages of SUR-PAK™ Pouch Dispensing Tools

In addition to modular convenience, the SUR-PAK™ family of pouch dispensers also offers:




Custom Pouch Dispensers at AZCO

Whatever your timeframe, line space, or budget, our team offers innovative solutions to meet your specific needs. We always have pouch dispenser units in stock; machines such as our 5D and VIP-100 models can be readily modified to meet custom specifications.

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AZCO products increase production speed, reduce downtime, and save money. And they’re also constantly improving. Our customers’ high expectations drive our work every day, and we’re proud to fully stand behind each unit sold. Contact us today to learn how pouch dispensers can streamline your packaging operations.