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Tubing Cutter

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Tubing Cutter | PC-25 V3

    Custom Tubing Cutters

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    Bench top tubing cutter is ideal for your tube processing.  The tubing is indexed by a dual driver tractor belt system for high accuracy.  For easy operator use, the stepper drive is controlled by the color touch screen; simply enter the length and number of pieces.  Also, all parameters of the machine are from the screen.  There is a supervisor section of the program which would set up the parameters.

    It is ideal for the tubing material to have a diameter of 2 – 25mm [0.080 – 1”] and a length of 5 – 9,999mm [0.2 – 999”].  All stainless steel covers with a lexan guard include a safety interlock.  Blades are disposable and are easy to change without the need for tools.  Requires 110VAC to 230VAC single phase 50 or 60 cycles power, and 2.75 – 6 bar [40 – 60 PSI] compressed air.

    • Spare blades
    • Additional tooling
    • High speed servo motor
    • One shot
    • No product sensor
    • Flat tractor belt
    • Unwind and base plate package
    • Speed control system
    • Alcohol lubrication
    • Cuts tubing up to 25mm [1”] diameter
    • Cuts heavy and thin plastic or rubber non-wire reinforced tubing
    • Clean cutting
    • Eliminates the need to inventory cut product.
    • The upper belt is pre-loaded for good contact which increases accuracy
    • The drive belts allow for a larger contact area, leading to higher accuracy and faster speeds
    • The belts are turned by a brushless stepper motor, which provides high accuracy and low maintenance
    • Simple operation through a touch screen
    • Tool-less blade replacement.
    • Adjusts to the listed power requirements automatically.
    • The unit is PLC controlled.  An operator control panel is provided, which includes a touch screen for easy setup and operation of the unit.
    • Training at AZCO’s facility included with all unit purchases
    • Diameter Range:  2 – 25mm [0.080 – 1”]

    • Cut Length:  5 – 9,999mm [0.2 – 999”]
    • Air Requirements:  2.75 – 6 bar [40 – 60 PSI]
    • Power Requirements:  110VAC to 230VAC single phase 50 or 60 cycles
    • Tolerance:  +/- 1mm [0.039”] or 0.5% of the length whichever is larger
    • Cycle Rate:  60 CPM at 10"

    Flexible polyurethane, flexible PVC, hosing, latex, medical tubing, nylon tubing, polyethylene, polypropylene, rubber hose, silicone, Tygon, vinyl tubing


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