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AZCO Corp. Designs and Manufactures the Highest Quality Products with Integrity.



AZCO Corp., established in 1983, manufactures simple to use reliable feeding, cutting, inserting and dispensing units for the converting, packaging, food and medical industries. We specialize in providing solutions for complex and unique custom applications. Our experience has provided us valuable insight and the ability to identify the exact, field-proven techniques and methods best suited for each operation.

Our feeding and cutting units for flexible material includes slitter, sheeter, cut-to-length unit, web cutting machinery, blister card cutter, knife assembly, precision punches, unwind/rewind and adjustable stands designed for the converting industry. A wide range of knife assemblies to fit your cutting needs includes guillotine, traveling, rotary knife for crush cut or shear cut, and the smart knife for high-speed cutting. A unique assortment of inserting and dispensing equipment specifically designed for the packaging industries includes pouch dispenser, coupon inserter, and cleanfil machine. The pouch dispenser feeds and cuts 3-dimensional pouches in a continuous strip. Our standard units are in stock and can be customized to fit specific requirements.


AZCO Corp.'s module style units allow quick and easy installation and removal. Seamlessly integrating our units into an existing converting or packaging line can increase your production speed and reduce downtime, allowing you to save time and money. We are constantly improving on ways to fulfill our customers' high expectations through quality design, customer service and technical support. We stand behind every unit sold. Give us your challenge.


AZCO Corp. is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

ISO Certified companies are awarded this certificate once they have met standards ensuring their ability to provide quality products, service, and design.  

When you order from AZCO Corp., you can be assured that our company has established a system for the manufacture of quality cutting and feeding equipment.

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