SUR-SIZE™ Cut-To-Length Assembly

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SUR-SIZE™ Cut-To-Length Assembly | FG-250/FG-400/FG-630

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The combination of a knife assembly and a roll feeder creates a SUR-SIZE™ cut-to-length assembly. The SUR-SIZE™ cut-to-length assemblies are capable of handling a wide variety of flexible materials. The cut to length assembly is a reliable, simple to use, self-contained module. It is a complete unit that delivers a finished product to your specifications. The unit can run to a length or to a registration mark.

Simple and easy to use, just enter the length and quantity on the color touch screen. The units automatically feed, measure, cut and count the pieces to a required size. After the exact number of pieces are cut, the unit stops. An end of cycle signal is provided once the cut is completed. For a single automated one shot process, this unit will feed and cut the material on demand. Clean cuts are provided by the guillotine knife assembly. Small guillotine cut-to-length assemblies are available in two configurations. See models SM4/SM6 for information on benchtop style units.

The modular style units are provided with a 2m/6.5ft.cable to allow flexibility in placement. This arrangement is well suited to in-line applications where this unit can be either a slave or master to other components.

We can support each of these SUR-SIZE units around the world with our remote access. Each unit is built with a USB port which is directly connected to the controls. The unit can be connected to an internet interface utilizing a USB cable allowing tech support anywhere in the world. Support for resetting the unit, getting remote training, and even complete software upgrades are available. 

  • Eye registration: a fiber optic sensor will locate a register mark to cycle the unit
  • No-product sensor
  • Product verification sensor
  • Pneumatic preloaded idler roller
  • High accuracy drive to +/-.05mm/.002in
  • One-shot input and feedback output
  • Cut lengths to 55km/34 miles
  • Infeed roll unwind
  • Quantity count to 100 million
  • Outfeed conveyor
  • High speed drive package
  • I/O expansion card: 24 inputs/12 outputs
  • Servo drive package
  • Slitter attachment
  • Steel drive roller
  • Static control
  • Line speed tracking
  • Special to 66 in. wide
  • All electric
  • Flexible use as stand-alone unit or as in-line component
  • Easy data entry keypad
  • Reduced scrap
  • Eliminates the need for a large inventory of cut product
  • High accuracy from stepper or servo
  • Minimum Length: 0.1mm/.005"
  • Max. Quantity Count: 999,999
  • Power requirements: 11O V AC to 220 V AC
  • 30 - 90 psi (2 - 6 bar) compressed air
  • Accuracy: +/-0.38mm/0.015 in. or 0.1% of cut length (whichever is larger)
  • Absorbent pads, film, felt, foam, foil, gaskets, hose, laminates, mesh, metalized film, nonwoven, pads, paper, personal care products, PTFE, rubber, shrink tubing, tape, test strips, thin gauge metal, tubing, Velcro


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