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  1. VIP-100 Dispenser

    VIP-100 Dispenser

    Model: Custom Dispenser 214030

    AZCO Corp.’s SUR-PAK™ model VIP-100 is a motor fed precision cutting machine. It is designed to cut and dispense a wide variety of materials of varying thickness fed from a continuous web. If you are dispensing desiccant, oxygen absorbers, food packs, or promotional items, this unit is the ideal solution.


  2. 5D Desiccant Dispenser with Horizontal Discharge

    5D Desiccant Dispenser with Horizontal Discharge

    Model: Custom 5D Desiccant Dispenser 217011

    Material:  3g desiccant pouches

    • Pouch width:  25.6mm [1.01']
    • Pouch thickness:  7-8mm [0.275 - 0.315"]
    • Length:  66.25mm [2.6"]
    • Speed:  22 - 40 cycles per min


    A desiccant dispenser which could lay the product flat in order to reliably dispense the desiccant onto a horizontal surface moving below the unit.


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