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Traveling Knife

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  1. Traveling Knife

    Traveling Knife

    Model: Custom Traveling Knife

    This custom traveling knife consists of an unwind/rewind unit, a custom roll feeder and a knife assembly. The traveling knife is a circular rotary knife assembly that can cut a thin film and a thick, dense material. The rotary blade, made from tool steel, will be cut up against the solid hardened tool steel anvil. The knife assembly is capable of cutting in one direction. Upon customer actuation, it can return and cut in the opposite direction.

    A shear cut blade gives the cleanest cut and is the recommended blade choice for most applications. The cutting force is not limited by pneumatic preload on the cutter


  2. Traveling Knife TS-1800

    Traveling Knife TS-1800

    Model: Custom Traveling Knife 212078


    A modular system that would give the flexibility to feed material out and then make a manual cut with a two hand control.


  3. Shear Cut Traveling Knife Assembly

    Shear Cut Traveling Knife Assembly

    Model: Custom Traveling Knife 213067

    AZCO Corporation has designed a shear cut traveling knife assembly ideal for material 1600mm wide and 3mm-55mm thick. This cut to length unit is built to feed the material all the way through the knife assembly. A precision ground urethane drive top roller supplies a force which provides positive traction between the material and the drive system. The brushless servo motor provides high accuracy and low maintenance. A 1600mm [55”] traveling knife assembly shear cuts the material to size. The knife assembly is servo driven with linear guides for extra strength and support. Easy to use, the unit can be bolted right into an existing process. A color touch screen is used to set up the unit. PLC controls run the servo motor drive and the entire process. To interface the unit to the process, a loop sensor is used. When material is present, the unit will operate; if there is no material, it will wait.

    Requires 110V AC single phase power, 15 amp current, and 80psi compressed air.


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