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Cut-To-Length Units

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  1. Cut-to-Length Rotary Sheeter FRC-630

    Cut-to-Length Rotary Sheeter FRC-630

    Model: Custom Cut-to-Length 211030


    This application required a machine to cut .3" thick x 15" wide rubber on an extruder line.  Extruder line speed was 45'/minute.  Cut length was 12"-25" with a cut accuracy of +/- .020"


  2. SUR-SIZE™ Cut to Length Module w/Remote Controls

    SUR-SIZE™ Cut to Length Module w/Remote Controls

    Model: Custom FG-250

    Cut to Length Module with Remote Controls


  3. Cut-to-Length FG-400 / Adjustable In-feed Guides

    Cut-to-Length FG-400 / Adjustable In-feed Guides

    Model: Custom Cut-to-Length 215016

    Material: 12 gram cotton.


    Feed material into machine through 10 adjustable lanes. Cut 4" lengths of the material at a speed of 100cpm.


  4. 215038

    Cut-To-Length FG-400 with Dancer Unwind and Outfeed Conveyor

    Model: Custom Cut-To-Length 215038/206039

    Custom FG-400 with a dancer unwind and conveyor. It includes an encoder, 3 modes of operation, eye registration, PTFE coated material guide, a reduced rake of 3.3 degrees, large opening and pneumatic preload. Minimum length 2”, max length 65”.


  5. 214045 Unwind + Roll Feeder + Punch

    Unwind / Roll Feeder / Punch / Cut To Length

    Model: Custom Solution 214045

    AZCO SUR-CUT™ Station with a cordless unwind, Brake RF110, punch station, dual tape station and FG-110 cut to length.

    *additional options can be purchased before shipment.






    200mm [7.87"] max Nonwoven, 100mm [3.94"] Film


    Feed, micro-perforate, punch and cut material with accuracy +/- 0.38mm [0.015"] or 0.1% of cut length, whichever is greater.


  7. Laminator and cut-to-length unit

    Laminator and cut-to-length unit

    Model: Custom Laminator 212019


    Application: a 70mm film on a spool which needed to have a UV adhesive placed onto it; laminate a thicker plastic top piece; go through a set of nip rollers; and then cut the lamination to a registered mark to length.


  8. SUR-SIZE Cut-to-length with slitter

    SUR-SIZE Cut-to-length with slitter

    Model: Custom knife assembly 212003


    This application required accurately feeding a paper-based product with a lot of dots on it to a length based on the position of the dots, slit it, cut it into small pieces, and take it away to go into the next process.


  9. Cut-to-Length FG-400 / Unwind / Stand

    Cut-to-Length FG-400 / Unwind / Stand

    Model: Custom Cut-to-Length 212036

    Material: 2mm PVC shrink film.  It is a seamless tube.



    Feed material out on demand.  Cut 160mm lengths at a cycle rate of 60 pieces per minute, and cut 315mm cut parts at a cycle rate of 40 cycles per minute.


  10. Cut-to-Length FG-250 / Unwind / Stand

    Cut-to-Length FG-250 / Unwind / Stand

    Model: Custom Cut-to-Length 212056

    Material: .010” x 6.25" wide thick clear plastic with a sputtered gold coating on one side which could not be in contact.


    Feed and cut to a precision length with a tolerance of +/-.015 inches.


  11. Cut-to-Length FG-250SP

    Cut-to-Length FG-250SP

    Model: Custom Cut-to-Length 212069

    Material:  3/8” x 3" wide pad, with sealed air between each pad. 



    Accurately feed the pads and cut an 8” piece to a registered position in between the sealed areas.  The pads needed to come out in a position to be handed to a secondary process.  Cycle requirements were 80 cuts per minute.


  12. Cut-to-Length FG-110 / Unwind / Stacker / Index Conveyor

    Cut-to-Length FG-110 / Unwind / Stacker / Index Conveyor

    Model: Custom Cut-to-Length 212076

    Material:  16mm and 28mm fibrous strap material


    Unwind, feed, and cut a roll of material to 750mm, and after it was cut create stacks of 20 to 30 pieces into an indexing conveyor.  After the stack was made, the index conveyor would index into a new position and build a new stack.


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