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  1. FGW-1000 Sheeter Front View

    SUR-SIZEā„¢ Sheeter

    Model: FGW-1000

    AZCO SUR SIZE™ Sheeter FGW 1000 is the highly versatile and customizable automatic cutter for precision cutting flexible materials to your most precise continuous process requirements.


  2. Test Strip Cutter

    Test Strip Cutter

    Model: Test Strip Cutter from Sheets

    This application requires cutting a diagnostic sheet into individual pieces.

    AZCO’S test strip cutter is an automated two step system.  The sheet is placed onto an in-feed station from where  the motor actuator will move it into the first cutting station.  This station will cut the sheet into individual cards.  The cutting station will have rotary shear cut blades driven by a variable speed motor. The edge trim and the areas between the strips will go into a scrap bin below.


  3. Test Strip Cutter

    Test Strip Cutter

    Model: Test Strip Cutter from Rolls

    This application is ideal for specialized cutting. Unlike our other products, Test Strip Cutters are catered to your specific needs with exceptional quality and durability. This Test Strip Cutter in particular requires cutting diagnostic strips from rolls into individual pieces.


  4. TS-54 Image

    SUR-SIZEā„¢ Sheeter TS-54

    Model: TS-54

    This compact, economical sheeter is ideal for low speed applications. Installation is a breeze and setup is done in just a few easy steps.  Simply place the roll onto the unwind shaft, thread the material through the roll feeders, and specify the cut length and quantity on the touchscreen. When ready, the SUR-CUT traveling knife assembly automatically cuts the material with exceptional precision, and with the addition of a slitter station you can also cut the material into strips of a desired width.


  5. Vacuum Index System

    Vacuum Index System

    Model: VIS-XXX-YY-Z

    Reduce the risk of damage to your product with our vacuum transfer system.

    AZCO’s vacuum index system is ideally suited for handling materials where only one surface can be contacted. The vacuum index system is a complete system which includes a transfer section, a vacuum generating station, and precision drive package. Together, this module is able to handle different width materials. The material is vacuum-held onto a transfer belt which is a continuous, smooth urethane belt with vacuum ports. The structured transfer system comes in different widths and lengths and different mounting arrangements for easy installation into your process or into your equipment. A vacuum system is sized for your transfer device and material; all you have to do is plug it in.


  6. SHEETER FGW-1000

    SHEETER FGW-1000

    Model: FGW-1000 218998

    Material:  Paper, Nonwoven, Film


    This application required unwinding three different types of material from a roll, and cutting the material to length.


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